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Evolis Badgy200 Card Printer

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Evolis Badgy200 Card Printer

  • Evolis Badgy 200 Card Printer fulfills all your needs for graphic personalization and instant card production, as single cards or in small batches.
  • Badgy200 is installed and used like a standard office printer. You load the cards in the feeder and retrieve them from the output hopper, both located at the front of the printer. Moreover, Badgy print ribbons are easy to install and automatically recognized.
  • The printer also comes with the Badgy Premium Suite software hence you can easily control the plastic card printer from your computer, by receiving notifications. Supplied with Evolis Badge Studio + for designing and printing badges
  • To maximize the quality and durability of the printed cards, the lifespan of the print head, and the overall printer reliability, use the recommended ribbons.
  • This printer utilizes dye sublimation and thermal transfer technology to produce prints at 300 dpi and with 2 million colors. Also, it is quite fast with a color YMCKO print speed of 95 cards per hour and a monochrome speed of 325 cards per hour. And, for standard compatibility it works with CR-80 cards from 20-30 mil thick.
  • General usage allows for edge-to-edge single-sided printing and it has a 25-card input feeder and a 25-card output hopper for convenience.
  • Evolis Badgy200 card printer also has an LED display for alerts such as cleaning and end of ribbon. There is even a Kensington-style lock slot for security and it offers USB 2.0 connectivity. Additionally, this unit comes with Evolis Badge Studio + software for personalizing your cards to your needs.

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